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Window Screen

Window Screen

Stainless Steel Window Screen

Stainless steel window screen is also called stainless steel insect screen. It is made of high quality of stainless steel wire with the durability and lasting performance. Stainless steel insect screen can resist the corrosion, rust, heat, alkaline, so it can be used in the harsh environments for windows, doors and porches screens to prevent the insects.

Material: Stainless steel wire. 304, 316, 316L.
Wire Diameter: BWG 30 - BWG 38.
Hole Size: 14 mesh × 14 mesh, 16 mesh × 16 mesh, 18 mesh × 14 mesh, 18 mesh × 18 mesh, 20 mesh × 20 mesh.
Width: 2', 3', 4', 5'.
Length: 30', 50', 100’ and so on.
Color: Bright and black.

Resistance for the rust, heat, acid, alkaline and corrosion.
Superior airflow.
Easy to clean.
Prevent the insects.
Black finish improves visibility and minimize glare.

Stainless steel insect screen can resist the heat, rust, alkaline, so it can be used in the bushfire-prone, costal areas and environments under chemical, high temperature workshops, it also can be used with the pressure treated lumber. Stainless steel window screen can prevent the insects, so it is ideal for porch, window and door applications.

Material:Stainless Steel AISI 304
Mesh count per inch:18 × 14
Wire diameter:0.22mm
Width of roll:1.22 meters
Length:By the linear meter, cut to length required

Product nameSpecificationIntroduction
Mesh/InchWire GaugeRoll Size 
Stainless Steel Window Screen14 × 14BWG38
3" × 100"
4" × 100"
1 × 25M
1.2 × 25M
Material: ss304, ss316, ss316L
16 × 16
18 × 18
18 × 14
20 × 20


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