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Woven Mesh

Woven Mesh

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh has unique characteristics that allows design flexibility in architecture. It incorporates the tensile strength of the indestructible stainless steel and aesthetically diamond openings which is graceful and beautiful.

There are two types of flexible wire rope meshes in construction: ferrule type and knotted.

Stainless steel rope mesh is light, robust and transparent, and it can stand up to heavy loads, and now it has been widely used as balustrade infill system, zoo enclosures, tensile facade, safety netting and green wall systems.


  • Stainless steel provides the highest corrosion resistance.
  • Elegant and robust.
  • Light, robust yet transparent.
  • UV and weather resistant.
  • Flexible and pliable.
  • Climb resistant and prevents a secure foothold.
  • The minimum visual impact on views.
  • Recyclable.
  • Good price-benefit-ratio.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Weave opening, meet any exact specification.


Material: AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

Ferrule material: tinned copper, nickel plated copper, stainless steel.

Surface treatment: silver or black oxide finish.

Structures of wire cable: 7 × 7, 7 × 19.

Cable diameter: 1.0–5.0 mm.

Diamond sizes: 20–200 mm.

Mesh opening angles: 20°, 30°, 60°, 70°, 75°. Mesh aperture at 60° as standard opening.

Connection: ferrule or knotted.

Ordering: Specific to order, according to the project. The following specifications are that customers ordered frequently.

Cable diameter: 1.0–5.0 mm.


The potential applications for stainless steel rope mesh are exceptionally varied both indoors and outdoors. It is used as balustrade in-fill, plant support, observation platform safety fence, tensile facade, zoo enclosure, divider, horizontal or vertical fall protection.

Stainless Steel Rope MeshStainless Steel Rope MeshStainless Steel Rope MeshStainless Steel Rope Mesh

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