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Wire Products

Wire Products

Single Loop Bale Ties

AKA:Bale Ties,Galvanized Bale Teis

Material: High Quality Galvanized Wire or Black Annealed wire

Wire Gauge:9G,10G,11G,12G13G,14G,14.5G,15G

Standard Length:6 feet to 22 feet 

Tensile strength: 35 to 75kg/mm, or according to customers' requests

Standard Bundle:62, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 (custom counts available)

24 Size combinations in-stock


  1. Packed with plastic or weaving cloth, coiled and 25kg per bundle, 1 ton per wooden pallet.
  2. 125pcs/bundle, then in wooden case or straight in bundles
  3. Most of our customers prefer the palletized package - less shipping damage, easier to store (pallets are stackable), and the special pallet allows for dispensing of one bundle at a time

Single loop galvanized and annealed wire is strong and ductile. Single-loop bale ties are ideal for use in hydraulic balers for tying bales in a variety of packaging applications such as, clothing, paper, plastic, cotton and recycled products.

Single Loop Bale TiesSingle Loop Bale Ties

Single Loop Bale TiesSingle Loop Bale Ties

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