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Plastic Mesh

Plastic Mesh

Climbing Mesh for plants

2.Mesh Size:100mm*100mm,150mm*170mm;
4.Net Width:1m-4.2m;
5.Net Length:5m,10m,30m,50m,100m,500m,1000m,3000m;
6.Color:white,green, yellow, grey. 

1) Clean, economical, harmless to delicate stems or leaves.
 2) Quickly dismantled and rolled up for subsequent use.
3) Quite esay to fix.
4) Very long lasting and free maintenance. 

Application for plant support net: 
 1) Give young plants all-round support in the early stages of growth.
2) Ideal for vertical and horizontal support for climbing plants and vegetables.
3) Used vertically, it can support crops like beans and peas.
4) Successive layers can be fixed at brackets with the continuing growth of plants.

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